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These case studies and webinars reflect how the goal of applying digital experience to make memorable moments is achieved.

Digital experience is fulfilled by a wide range of digital media including digital signage, architectural media, video walls, mobile, tablet, augmented and virtual reality, technology interface (voice, gesture, etc.), analytics and the tools for managing messaging and interaction with these devices. Digital experience applies to business to business (B2B), business to business to consumer (B2B2C) and business to consumer (B2C) commerce. CDX invites digital experience case studies that illustrate use and can advance best practices. Contact us.


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Retail Media - Leveraging In-Store Moments

Brands and retailers can bring together advertising and merchandising for mutual benefits

Brands have a long history of a traditional media buying approach across advertising channels like TV, radio, Out-of-Home, and online. The in-store medium has always been a different animal, with brands often struggling to leverage the valuable "moment of truth" in the store. Matt Schmitt, Co-founder of Reflect and Rob Winston, Winston Research Group discuss ways in which retail should (and shouldn't) be treated as a media channel, how to put a value on the medium, and ways to reduce friction and make media buying more seamless.

Advertising and the brands' efforts to get closer to the consumer where they are. Topics include: Out-of-Home and Place-Based media, the differences between OOH and Place-Based, traditional Brand Promotion at Retail, Retail as Media.  See the recorded webinar here.


Push-Pull: Getting consumers off the couch and into your store.

This recorded webinar with special guests Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor, Founding Principals of The High Street Collective addresses the intentions of CX, DX and UX describing how:

•   People always have, and always will crave love, beauty, ease, wonder and the power of connection. The empowered consumer wants digital experience to be part of their on-location, in retail journey of discovery, selection, infotainment and fulfillment.

•   Retailers have a unique advantage over digital-only experiences because they can deliver beautiful, tactile, physically-engaging, atmospheric experiences with the ease that digital offers.

•   Lighting up the shopper brain by integrating digital into their stores, creating an engaging, memorable experience shoppers crave is essential.



EVENT SUMMARY: Customer Experience is Defined at New Levels at June 2017 ICX Summit. When brands, retailers and digital experience providers met at the 2017 Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit in Dallas, the focus was on defining “what works” to maximize CX approaches. Read the 6-page summary here.


RECORDED WEBINAR:  Store Experience Impact on the Multi-Channel Consumer. This recording of the April 19, 2017 with special guest Paula Da Silva, SVP of iVend presents the results of research on how consumers see and what they expect from retail organizations that are moving forward with omnichannel, multi-touch point initiatives. See the 50 minute recording here.


RECORDED WEBINAR: CONVERSION - Or Retail Fails!  This recording of the May 25, 2017 webinar with special guest Mark Ryski, author and Founding CEO of Headcount describes the important role of traffic and conversion analytics. See the recorded 60-minute webinar here.


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The Showcase Store and Customer Experience

The Showcase Store and Customer Experience

By Lyle Bunn
Jan. 2017

Showcase retail locations typically have high profile and high levels of patron traffic. Whether in Times Square, a premier mall or other upscale location they offer many benefits to brand building, in particular as the importance of the customer experience grows. The showroom store offers big public relations value and the ability to test ideas, innovations and assess their impact on patron behaviors.

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