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These webinars reflect how the goal of applying digital experience to make memorable moments is achieved.

Digital experience is fulfilled by a wide range of digital media including digital signage, architectural media, video walls, mobile, tablet, augmented and virtual reality, technology interface (voice, gesture, etc.), analytics and the tools for managing messaging and interaction with these devices. Digital experience applies to business to business (B2B), business to business to consumer (B2B2C) and business to consumer (B2C) commerce. CDX invites digital experience case studies that illustrate use and can advance best practices. Contact us.



The Status and Directions of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is finding application in training, business-to-consumer retail, the supply chain and manufacturing. This recorded webinar addresses the current state of technology application and the business cases that underpin investment in this technology. Special Guest Fernando Muniz-Simas, CEO of Exo Insights, part of the acclaimed University of Waterloo Accelerator Program, brings over 10 years of research, applications and standards development.



Key Elements of Content Management Software (CMS) Selection


The Content Management Software (CMS) is central to dynamic signage network success, and this applies to corporate, ad-based network and an increasing number of business-to-consumer dynamic media installations. Many initial deployments of digital signage have proven the value of the medium and can benefit from the operational economies and enabling performance characteristics of a CMS that better serves the needs of the enterprise. The selection factors are critical to signage network success and these factors are addressed by guest presenter Bart Massey, CTO of Reflect Systems, who joined Reflect in 2013 and is responsible for leading product design and development, and for providing technical leadership for internal and partner programs. His background in engineering management and operations allows him to bring almost 20 years of experience to Reflect’s leadership team.

See the recorded webinar here.




Automagical Experiences


Choosing the Right In-Store Technology While Not Sacrificing the Human Experience making digital experiences "automagical" - engaging, profound, memorable and technologically seamless to the shopper. This recorded webinar is moderated by Lye Bunn, Chair of the Centre for Digital Experience with special guests Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor.

The industry is now littered with labs, cool whiz bang case studies and brands and retailers elbowing each other publicly to prove that they are the most innovative and category leading. Too often we judge these innovations based on how slick and savvy they appear, or by how we influence what shoppers actually feel inside the store? By first understanding that technology is supposed to make things more human, not less, we are able to have a clear look at the shopper landscape, and start to look toward technology as part of an in-store innovation solution. In this webinar, viewers will learn how to focus on what technology solutions you should do, not what you could do.



Retail Media - Leveraging In-Store Moments

Brands and retailers can bring together advertising and merchandising for mutual benefits. Brands have a long history of a traditional media buying approach across advertising channels like TV, radio, Out-of-Home, and online. The in-store medium has always been a different animal, with brands often struggling to leverage the valuable "moment of truth" in the store. Matt Schmitt, Co-founder of Reflect and Rob Winston, Winston Research Group discuss ways in which retail should (and shouldn't) be treated as a media channel, how to put a value on the medium, and ways to reduce friction and make media buying more seamless. Advertising and the brands' efforts to get closer to the consumer where they are. Topics include: Out-of-Home and Place-Based media, the differences between OOH and Place-Based, traditional Brand Promotion at Retail, Retail as Media.  See the recorded webinar here.


Push-Pull: Getting consumers off the couch and into your store.

This recorded webinar with special guests Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor, Founding Principals of The High Street Collective addresses the intentions of CX, DX and UX describing how:

•   People always have, and always will crave love, beauty, ease, wonder and the power of connection. The empowered consumer wants digital experience to be part of their on-location, in retail journey of discovery, selection, infotainment and fulfillment.

•   Retailers have a unique advantage over digital-only experiences because they can deliver beautiful, tactile, physically-engaging, atmospheric experiences with the ease that digital offers.

•   Lighting up the shopper brain by integrating digital into their stores, creating an engaging, memorable experience shoppers crave is essential.



Store Experience Impact on the Multi-Channel Consumer.

This record webinar with special guest Paula Da Silva, SVP of iVend presents the results of research on how consumers see and what they expect from retail organizations that are moving forward with omnichannel, multi-touch point initiatives. See the 50 minute recording here.


CONVERSION - Or Retail Fails! 

This recording of the May 25, 2017 webinar with special guest Mark Ryski, author and Founding CEO of Headcount describes the important role of traffic and conversion analytics. See the recorded 60-minute webinar here.


Pop-up stores in your brand-building strategy. (Recorded webinar coming soon)

Pop-up stores, also known as pop-up store or flash retailing that use short-term rental or small-format sales spaces to generate brand profile and revenues are becoming more common. While these have been used for new or seasonal or time-specific events (i.e. farmer’s markets, Christmas, black Friday, sporting and concert events, trade shows), pop-up stores usually appear in high traffic pedestrian areas or as a store within a store the design for consumer attraction and engagement is the critical success factor. You will learn what makes pop-up a strong strategy for brand profile and consumer engagement and how to plan your pop up project.


Structures for Accomplishment toward Digital Experiences (Recorded webinar coming soon)

Problem definition, gap analysis, stakeholder engagement, leadership, testing and optimization are addressed in this insightful and informative webinar. A must-view for everyone in a project leadership or supply role.


Consumer Expectations - Merging Physical and Digital Dynamic Signage and Place-based media add vitality to a location experience. This short paper presents statistics on why retail establishments should be using this media to achieve their goals. Download here.
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